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About The Record

Jesse DeNatale’s new album “The Hands of Time,” is in a word, reverential.  It is at times, symphonic and at other times pulsing forward with a rawness and power of rhythm he says stems from his Mexican/Italian roots. The California native says when it came to this record, it was about cutting through the noise, not over-planning the production, but rather chasing the mystery and weaving all he has learned about being human with what he describes as a new, thinner and fragile reality that is in a kind of recovery-mode from the pandemic. 
Though the ten songs on the record range in topic, from love, (Love Is) and gratitude (The Hands of Time), to sorrow and to the horrors of gun violence (Stop This World), It's the notion of time itself, with its power and irreversibility, that appears in every song.


Produced by Jesse DeNatale & Nino Moschella

Musicians include:

Jesse DeNatale - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Harmonica

Tom Heyman - Electric Guitar and Pedal Steel

Paul Olguin - Bass

Nino Moschella - Drums, Percussion, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Background Vocals 

W/ Special Guests

Alisa Rose - Violin


The Zemlinsky Quartet

Recorded at Bird & Egg Studios, Richmond CA

Mastered by Alex Oropeza, San Francisco CA  


Jesse Hands of Time Press shot.jpg

Jesse DeNatale is a singer-songwriter in Northern California. He was born in San Francisco. He has released four critically acclaimed albums: Shangri-La West (2000) Soul Parade (2006) The Wilderness (2021) and 2023's The Hands Time on Blue Arrow Records. 

His music has been described as evocative and hopeful, a combination of poetry and storytelling. Over the years his love of various musical genres has inspired him to expand his ideas of songwriting as he continues to find a way to reflect back the realities of being alive. Rich with imagery, intelligence and passion, his music remains timeless. It's soulful accessibility is what has garnered him praise from other artists and has kept his devoted fans listening. 





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"Now it seems that all the best ones have been driven underground. If there's a leak in the boiler room it's the music of Jesse DeNatale, a unique and original American voice."- Tom Waits

"A dynamic tune fountain...and one of the most distinctive singers and creative lyricists of his generation and the generations that flank him."  
Billy Collins, US Poet  
Laureate 2001- 2003

"I have seen Jesse DeNatale play many times and he creates his own atmosphere as a performer. One of my favorite things about him is his piano playing. We once did a tour together during which his beautiful singing voice & his stories attracted followers wherever we went."  
- Jonathan Richman

"He's the bard of Tomales Bay" - Ramblin' Jack Elliott

"He's good, really good." - Nick Hornby

"Jesse DeNatale's songs are not only well worth hearing, they're well worth hearing again and again."
- Ben Fong-Torres, Former Rolling Stone Magazine Senior  Editor and 
American Rock Journalist 

"Shangri-La West by Jesse DeNatale was a great first album. A rough and tender voice, intricate lyrics, and wise new songs. Soul Parade continues with more steps that are half dance and half street confessional. All from the heart." - Michael Ondaatje, Writer, Poet, The English Patient

"I love the way you take your influences and make them your own."  - Denis Johnson,  Jesus' Son

All Music Available For Download at Bandcamp 

Right Before My Eyes - From the new release The Hands of Time


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        16001 Waterloo Rd.
        Cleveland, OH 44110

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